Moments to Cherish



Tendai Shaba takes you on a human psychology journey to discover the moments that define us as individuals. Reminding us to cherish the values and beliefs we live by. The book focuses on three types of moments which are present, painful and passive, thirty one poems spread across three chapters: moments with God, moments with family and moments with myself.

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About the author
Tendai Shaba (born 18 April 1989) is a Malawian born poet, writer, narrator and personal development advocate. He authored and narrated his first collection of poems called Realizing myself (2020), based on human psychology concepts. He started writing at age 14 having been introduced to English and African literature. He holds a bachelors degree in business administration (2016). His work explores personal development concepts such as self-actualization, self awareness, self motivation and self belief.

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